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so alot of ppl probably dont even have my OLD skype account added and if they do they probably dont even watch me anymore after i moved accounts but i think i should mention this
my old account was hacked and it sent a link to everyone in its contacts, the link itself is just spam but im worried its one of those scams that if you open it automatically gets ur details or shit so yea
heres what the link looks like and what my old account looks like, again if u do happen to have my old acc added this isnt me!! im sorry for this, i hope it isnt a scam or anything gosh

anyway im really annoyed at this, my old account had alot of old ppl i dont talk to anymore on it and some of my art idols even added onto it and now this is really akward lmfao
edit: okay guys this is watchers only!!
Hi!! Big thanks to everyone who continued to follow me from my old account!! it means alot to me!!
sOO! Now that my to do list is short enough, im gonna open requests to practice some styles and draw for you guys!
Theyll range from a sketchy headshot to maybe a fullbody, it depends how much your character inspires me!
These will also be experimental so they may vary in styles
anywayyy,, DROP YOUR REFS BELOW!! I may not be able to do everyones request depending how much I get and how motivated I feel, but ill probably come back to this journal whenever im in the mood to experiment or draw for others so !! if you dont get your request done now!! you may get one in weeks to come!!